Youth Homelessness – Covenant House – March 25, at 10:30 AM

From 2016 to 2017 the homeless population increased 25% to nearly
60,000 people. Stagnant wages and a shortage of affordable housing
are two of the main causes. Learn about the City's campaign to
address this crisis and find out what communities of faith are doing
to help.

Share the Plate Collection:
Every 4th Sunday, we share half of our plate collection with another non-profit organization.   This Sunday we will be sharing it with the Covenant House.  We invite you to give generously.

The Covenant House - More than a homeless shelter, they have open their doors to homeless kids around the country since 1972. They have helped to save and transform the lives of more than million homeless, runaway and trafficked young people by offering:
A safe place to sleep with meals, clean clothes, and medical attention.
Sanctuary from the hardships of homelessness without judgement.
A caring relationship based on love, trust and honesty.
Structure and stability to help build a positive future.
Confidence to believe in themselves and make informed choices for their lives.