Message from Minister Maggie Yenoki on Joy and Sorrow – April 2017

Joys and Sorrows swirl together to make life delicious! Our daily lives are seasoned with experiences of both the yummy and fulfilling things we appreciate about being alive and also a dash of the annoyances that give us a sour taste in our mouths, test our attitudes, and make us weary. Joys bring us a sense of increased energy, peaked interest, and feelings of empowerment, while sorrows can desolate our spirits and sideline us into a state of powerlessness and maybe a touch of depression. Carefully balancing both Joy and Sorrow within our life experience is a talent that will keep us strong in these challenging days.

Emotional and Spiritual Well-being

During the times that we find ourselves tangled in the extremes of our joys and sorrows, we can sense a significant effect on us in terms of our emotional and spiritual well-being. We use our perception of them as a compass to mark our centeredness and sense of connection and accountability to ourselves, to those we are in community with, and to our relationship with the Mystery I often name The Divine. Our sense of joy can be sensed and used to measure all that we see is life-affirming, while our sorrow and sense of desolation refers to that which is life-denying or hurtful. Carrying them both and using them together as a tool for growth helps us to find the value they hold.

Holding out hope for our days to be filled with joy is a good way to make positive intentions, and doing so will not diminish the lessons that are richly woven within the sorrows that are bound to come. Our experience with the sorrows we have endured give us courage and empathy for those we meet who find themselves struggling with similar troubles. It is in times such as these that we are best able to muster the strength and compassion we need to stand on the side of love and move forward to answer loves call to us. It is good when we can carry one another’s joys and sorrows together, as a beloved community.

May your joys be plentiful and your sorrows be gentle with you.


Pastor Maggie

SUUS Minister Maggie Yenoki