Seeking | A message from Minister Maggie Yenoki – June 2017

While shopping at Trader Joe’s this past Wednesday, I noticed a couple having a conversation about which type of turkey breast would make a better sandwich. They were nestled together with such deep eye-contact that it seemed as if they weren’t even aware of the other shoppers in the very crowded store.

Although they may not have been aware of me, I was strangely warmed by them, and drawn toward the inviting warmth of the energy they shared. Their connection was powerful and gave me a twinge of glee as I scooped up a bit of the love oozing from them and place it into my heart.

Recognizing the Love We Seek in Unexpected Places

I recognized their love, and was nourished by it. Without any outward exchange with them, their joy brought a gift to me that I’d been seeking. The love I saw in a simple conversation about lunch meat allowed me to change my perspective from one of grumpy dissatisfaction with the events in our world to a vision of connection and optimism. Their gift to me allowed me to share a new way of being with everyone I met later that day. In times such as these, the love we express in our lives will change the world without much effort at all.

As we explore the theme of ‘seeking’ this month, it is important that we have an attitude of expectation that the treasure we seek can come to us at any time, from any source! From our place of expectation, we have the power to journey through our days knowing that our seeking will bring us to a place of finding. The surprise and wonder that we carry with us will open the way to find not only what we see, but we can find new ways to let love ooze from us to bless the world.

What are you seeking today? I’m expecting you will find it and share it.


Pastor Maggie

SUUS Minister Maggie Yenoki