Message from Minister Maggie Yenoki on Acceptance – May 2017

Opening the gifts within our monthly theme of “Acceptance” might require a wee bit of extra inspiration in these challenging times. Looking into the topic of acceptance will not be easy when the opposing actions of resistance and protest are bursting from our lives daily in our search for justice and peace. Exploring acceptance when we are witnessing so much that is unacceptable will stretch us toward growth.

Understanding Acceptance

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the middle of this month can provide the frame to sort through the many ways that our understanding of acceptance was modeled for us during our childhood. The vast manifestations of loving relationship we share with all of our Mothers is as wide as the stars, and there is always potential to increase the experience when we come together and share the stories of our lives. Sharing in our annual Flower Communion will also enhance our appreciation for Mother Earth on Mother’s Day.

Our monthly theme of ‘Acceptance’ is first and foremost a warm invitation to “Come As You Are” and be welcomed among our loving liberal community. Keeping each other strong and focused on being our highest selves is easier together, and we will never grow tired of hearing the message that we are loved and accepted, just as we are, no matter what!

May you stay brave, knowing you are accepted, supported, and loved.


Pastor Maggie

SUUS Minister Maggie Yenoki