Message from Minister Maggie Yenoki on Balance – March 2017

There’s a vibrant joy that erupts from deep within while watching a young child taking their first steps. Their determination to stay on their feet as they begin to toddle along, and their courage to get up and try again after landing on their bottoms bring warm hearts and laughter to everyone cheering them on. Before they are old enough to understand the language for their quest, they have a deep understanding and innate passion that keeps them focused on their one single goal – achieving balance.

Quest for Balance

The quest for balance in our lives during challenging times – no matter our age – becomes a call to both acknowledge the difficulties we are facing and also to muster our determination to thrive as our best selves. Bringing our best selves into our community keeps us balanced and centered, strong and resistant to the things that could knock us on our bottoms like toddlers.

Our acknowledgement of the troubling things we are experiencing reminds us that our positive presence is needed in our community to change things for the better. We also celebrate our community as our support system that holds each of us accountable to take good care of ourselves so we stay stronger together.

Taking good care includes healthy diet, exercise, and daily spiritual practice – nourishment for both body and spirit. Let’s promise ourselves this good care, and stir one another to the courage and passion that keeps us balanced.


Pastor Maggie

SUUS Minister Maggie Yenoki