Message from Minister Maggie Yenoki on Integrity – January 2017

Beginning 2017 with a theme of Integrity is a great start to the new year! It seemed like a wise move to select all of our worship themes for the entire year in the early spring of 2016, but the topic chosen for the month of January 2017 could not be more fitting as this new year begins. The theme of Integrity is inherently overflowing with meaning, richness, and potential, yet its value to us as a focus for our spiritual exploration during January is truly inspired.

Integrity Within Our Community

Choosing to be people of integrity is of much greater value to our collective community now that those elected to offices and public arenas are proving they will not be stepping into their roles as leaders for all people, but will instead have concern for the well-being of only a select few. The outcome of November’s presidential election is still resonating, and the effect on our personal lives is yet to become clear. We do see that the responsibility for leadership with integrity must come from us, the citizens. Our integrity, supported by our Unitarian Universalist principles, calls us to be the leaders so essential for these times.

In the same way that Mahatma Gandhi has said we must “be the change we wish to see in the world”, I invite you to explore the ways that we can “become the people of integrity that we wish to see” as we step into this new year as a community that is growing, serving, and loving our world.

Love and blessings,
Pastor Maggie

SUUS Minister Maggie Yenoki