Showing Love through Music – February 25 at 10:30 AM

Come join us as we hear this incredible celebrated folk duo, Steve Gillette  & Cindy Mangsen.  A quote from Sing Out Magazine states:   “Steve and Cindy have hit on a combination that consistently produces high quality recordings and entertaining stage shows. Their voices and styles meld seamlessly with a gentleness and a maturity that is unmatched in the world of folk duos.” Steve Gillette is best known as a songwriter, with songs recorded by artists from Ian & Sylvia to Garth Brooks, from Jiminy Cricket to John Denver.  Cindy Mangsen is also a songwriter, but her focus has been on songkeeping. Cindy is a master interpreter of traditional ballads, rich in myth and legend.

WE WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HAVE YOU WITH US.  CD’S will be on sale if you are moved by their music.