Michael Eselun

No Justice, No Peace! – March 4 at 10:30 AM

We are used to hearing this chant of protest–  as a demand for justice.  Pursuit of justice is a core UU Principle, and yet we’ve also heard since childhood that “no one said life is fair.”   When such injustice hits closer to home—like say, a diagnosis of cancer, how do we find peace when there … Continued

PILGRIMAGE – December 18, 2016

Popular guest speaker and UCLA Oncology Chaplain, Michael Eselun will explore the idea of pilgrimage– our pursuit of  inspiration and enlightenment. Internal journeys and external ones—and some in between. Michael Eselun, a certified chaplain, serves as the chaplain for the Simms-Mann/UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology.   He’s been invited many times to speak to students, doctors, nurses, social … Continued