The Circle of Life | A Message from Minister Maggie Yenoki – July 2017

A Message From Our Minister

There’s a certain blend of wonder and excitement that comes with the perception that life is a journey of circles, surprises, and turns rather than a well-worn linear path that is mapped out from start to finish. Keeping to the straight and narrow might bring a sense of safety, but that place of fear and attachment to old ways rarely prepares us for the troubles that naturally come or trains us for the times when sudden roadblocks force a new path. 

Embracing all that “the Circle of Life” offers us will light the way as we open up this theme in the month of July. The 6th of our Unitarian Universalist Sources brings us the gifts within this theme as it honors the ‘spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life…’

Circling around to the lessons that come up again and again throughout our lives can feel daunting unless we choose to engage our sense of awe and wonder about how we have grown and changed over the years. With compassion for ourselves and a desire for change we can draw the circles of our lives wide enough to hold on to our precious past while we imagine a future beyond expectations.

Using the theme of a circle of life that brings us new perspectives created from old stumbling blocks will provide us hope and healing as we move forward and grow into new versions of ourselves as a community with a mission we want to live into together. Let’s enjoy this opportunity to create new circles for our shared lives as we gather within our circular sanctuary at The Onion. 


Pastor Maggie


SUUS Minister Maggie Yenoki