Board of Trustees News

At our retreat in September, the Board looked at the number of committees supported by our small congregation and looked at ways to streamline the work, allowing our members—some of them very active—more time to enjoy the Sunday morning experience and to socialize with friends and visitors. One way to do this, we decided, was to consolidate committees with similar functions. At our last Board meeting, the Board approved to move in this direction. These are the results.
Marilyn Morton, President, is Liaison to Personnel, Leadership Development 
(including Nominating), and the Land Sale Task Force.
Barrie Hafler, Vice President, is Liaison to Community Life (merging Program, Arts and Entertainment, and Onion Gallery).
Angie Whiteman, Finance Officer, is Liaison to Finance (merging Finance, Rentals, Fundraising, Ways and Means and Stewardship).
Janet Landau, Secretary, is Liaison to Communications (merging Communications and Publicity) and the Sign Task Force.
Claudia Hurtz, Trustee — Reverence and Awe, is Liaison to Sunday Service and Religious Exploration – (merging Sunday Services, Religious Exploration, and Hospitality).


Pat Cox, Trustee — Diversity and Inclusiveness, is Liaison to Member Care (merging Membership and Caring).
Bill Jarrico, Trustee — Community Engagement, is Liaison to Outreach and Justice (formerly Social Justice Committee).
Ron Ruscillo, Trustee—Green Sanctuary, is Liaison to Buildings and Grounds.