Hunger and Satisfaction

AJ Asks

This past Sunday, I spoke to you about hunger and how we view it from a variety of vantage points—physical, emotional, and spiritual. While we approach each of these types of hunger in a very specific way, at the end, our hunger is never satisfied solely by some outside source or by ourselves in isolation. Physical hunger requires, at a bare minimum, mother nature to help—if not a community or whole industry of food providers. Satisfying emotional hunger often comes through connection with another person, animal, or community. Spiritual hunger requires introspection and often a connection with the Divine or some understanding of interconnectedness in our universe. Each of these often requires some type of communal aspect. But these external connections also are never fully satisfying because all that any of this provides is the preparation of the meal. In order to be fully satisfied one must choose to actually partake of the meal provided by whatever source it is.

This brings me to my ask for this month. My ask for this month is for each of us to look at how we can satisfy our hunger for community here at SepulvedaUU. It has been long said that if we get more members, if we sell the land, if we get more rentals, if we get A/C, if, if, and if  … then we will be happier. My ask of you today is to reflect on what we are bringing to the table to satisfy ourselves. While I believe that all of these things will help feed us, I don’t think any of them will satisfy us. Over these next few months, the Committee on Ministry will be asking us to look at our Mission and Vision, the Board of Trustees will be asking us to redefine our leadership models, and our Endowment and Finance Committees will be asking us to reinvest in this community in significant ways. In order to satisfy our hunger to become a more self-sustaining and stronger community, I ask you today to pay close attention as each of these processes take place and ask how you can feed SepulvedaUU and participate in satisfying our communal hunger.

Pastor AJ