Marilyn’s Message

The word transcendence speaks to us of overcoming, getting beyond, surviving. It speaks of success in being in a better place and transforming in ways that are deemed to be better. But how do we make transcendence happen?

Individually, we all face personal challenges that we hope to transcend. These challenges provide the texture, and the way we handle them, the fabric of our lives. I think we all grasp that. But collectively, there are problems and situations that, as a group, we need to transcend. As a group, we first need to identify the challenge and then, working together, find the best means by which we can transcend the problem. Currently, our congregation is facing serious fiscal challenges.

This community, the Sepulveda UU congregation, must come together in our common goal to keep alive all that has been built over the past 60+ years. Only by working together can we experience the transcendence we are seeking. These are our challenges—ours, a community of like-minded individuals who love and appreciate all that the Onion has meant to the San Fernando Valley throughout the last 7 decades and the many people who have called it their spiritual home.

During July and August, we will embark on a Revival of SepulvedaUU which will include:     Renewing our Covenant
                    Rekindling Our Relationships, and
                        Recharging our Spirit
Our Sunday mornings in July and August will begin at 10:00 am and take on a different feel and format than normal–and will include community building, fun, fellowship, food, and visioning. We will kick off our Summer Revival at the Annual Congregational Meeting on Saturday, June 22nd at 10:30.

See you then!