Salvation – Sal·va·tion /salˈvāSH(ə)n/

The first meaning under the word ‘salvation’ in Webster’s dictionary has to do with deliverance in the afterlife, a concept often connected with church and religion, but not one that I especially adhere to. The second meaning defines salvation as ‘liberation from ignorance or illusion’. This sounds much more relevant to my life personally as well as being more in alignment with my theological views. The third meaning is preservation from destruction or failure.

Sadly, that final definition hits closer to home than any of us would like. Our beloved SepulvedaUU is reaching a financial crisis. This information was presented at our recent Town Hall and Congregational meetings so that all congregants would be aware of the circumstances that could mean locking our doors for good. This type of information is easy for us to set aside—to be dealt with at a later date. But at some point it rises to the surface of the reality pool, unable to be ignored.

This threat is serious. The danger of an end in the foreseeable future is real. But hope exists! It exists in being open to new ideas and being open to change as well as hard work and being united in our efforts. We are looking into possible ways to ensure that Unitarian Universalism will continue to thrive right here, in the center of the San Fernando Valley. The Board, and other leadership teams, are looking closely at our options. Over the next few weeks and months we will be addressing some long overdue changes that need to be made.

Yes, I’m talking about ‘salvation from destruction or failure.’ Whether your response to crisis is prayer, grabbing a hoe, or doing both, (raising your pledge would be grabbing a hoe) I believe our best chance for salvation will include combining our efforts and working together. That’s always been the best way to affect necessary change. Your feedback is welcome.