Native American Contemplation

Debra Delahunty is our speaker on this morning and will share her journey that began10 years ago when a friend introduced her to a flute maker and told her, “This is your next Spiritual Journey.”
Not understanding she accepted what he had said and very soon understood what the meaning of his words.
Because the songs are prayers, she only plays when asked, never for entertainment. Those who need them will catch the prayer.
Recording a CD was not an option until one Sunday after playing flute here at the Onion for Shadowland Wolf Foundation, a member approached her asking for a CD. When she said there weren’t any, he encouraged her to record one. After praying about it the answer came and today “You Touched My Spirit” has helped Shadowland Wolf Foundation raise money to continue their education about the importance of wolf in the world.
You can hear Debra play her flute every summer at Moorpark Collage on the 3rd Friday in July, at the very Pow Wow where she found her voice.
Today is an honor to share her voice with you.
Mitakuye Oyasin
(We are all related)