We Are Valley Family – October 9, 2016

Somos Familia Valle serves our SFValley community as a vibrant and liberating source of support for those LGBTQI members of our Valley in both languages English and Spanish. Co-Founder & Director Ronnie Veliz brings his message of the many ways this embodies our Unitarian Universalist principles. http://www.somosfamiliavalle.org/


ronnie-velizRonnie Veliz

Bio: Ronnie Veliz is a San Fernando Valley LGBTQ immigrant catalyst for change. Ronnie fled Peru as a teen. As a formerly homeless youth, Ronnie’s social justice labor began as a GSA member and a student advocate for the passage of several policy changes, including the FAIR Act. Ronnie’s leadership contributed to the development of the first Firehouse Clinic in the State of California and the first San Fernando Valley Pride March and Conference in our very own community. Ronnie is a proud Valley College, Pierce College, and CSUN Alumni and the Director of Somos Familia Valle, a grassroots LGBTQ and straight ally movement for education, empowerment, and liberation in the San Fernando Valley. For spiritual care, Ronnie enjoys planting trees and making his mother laugh.

Quote: “We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers.” -Bayard Rustin.