Reflections – A Water Communion – September 30 at 10 AM

Often when we think of water we think of it as moving – rushing in a river, crashing waves on a beach, showering us with rain – but water also has a quiet stillness in the depths of a lake or ocean, or of a reflecting pool, or pond. It offers us a space look into its depths for tranquility in life, and when we look directly into it. It shows us our own reflections.

This Sunday our Sunday Services Team will lead you on a journey of reflection on the stillness of water in our lives. We will celebrate the life that water has given us and how we can use water to give life to another. During this service, we will be asking each of you to bring water to share with the community and reflections of a time when you were thirsty.

NOTE: PLEASE BRING with you a case of WATER or some other item such as REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES that can be distributed to people in our community who do not have ready access to drinking water. We have distributed the over 300 bottles of water that we collected this past spring.