Yoga with Natalie Backman – September 16 at 10 AM

Join us this week for our first Contemplative Sunday Service. We are honored to have Natalie Backman lead us in time of reflection through the spiritual practice of Yoga.

Natalie has been practicing yoga for over sixteen years and sharing the teachings for five years with people of all levels of mobility. Natalie belongs to a Living Lineage, which means she is an initiate of the Sri Vidya tradition and part of an unbroken line of yoga devotees that extends back over 2,000 years.

Natalie’s teaching is a modern take on an ancient tradition. It is an exploration of Tantra as presented through a blend of Hatha and Vinyasa Krama.

Practices with Natalie will help to strengthen and purify the body, calm and stabilize the mind, generate and manage prana and facilitate reintegration with your higher, sacred self. You can learn more about Natalie and be in contact through her website

Next month’s Contemplative Sunday Service will move through the experience of Drumming.

Contemplative Sunday Morning Service
On these Sundays all will be welcomed into a space of reflection and introspection. Our Sunday Service team will guide you through a time for communal sharing of events in our lives, silent and guided meditations, community singing, and the presentation of an embodied spiritual practice such as Yoga, drumming, writing, and others. Come comfortably dressed and be willing to move as you are able and be moved spiritually during this service.  Note: Children are invited to gather in the Ballou Room for childcare and religious exploration programs.