Onionaires Choir June 2018
Ukrainian Folk Song, Sophia Kruik
Liya Melikyan, piano; James Rhodes, Bass

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Most of us would like to see the full staircase; to know just how
things will play out before we commit. What if the way is blocked
and our efforts seem to be for naught? As you read this there will
have been the official power change in Washington.
Uncertainty about the status of critical issues can plague us.
What can we rely on to help us focus or continue our progressive
march? Singing the journey together can make all the difference!

Thus, to summarize using our Singing the Living Tradition and supplemental song books:
[When I am Frightened] 1012 encouraging words can [Comfort Me] 1002.
[Morning Has Come] 1000 to America and we have been [Far Too Long, by
Fear Divided] 160. [We Are a Gentle Angry People] 170 who are
[Standing On the Side of Love] 1014. We will do [Everything
Possible] 1019 to [Turn the World Around] 1074. We know [Freedom is
Coming] 1035 as we use our [Fire of Commitment] 1028 in [Building a
New Way] 1017.

[We Shall Overcome] 169 [When our Heart is in a Holy Place]1008 and
all people realize [The Oneness of Everything] 1052.

In our ascent of the daunting staircase before us, we [Go Lifted Up]
1057 heartened that [The Earth Is Our Mother] 1073. This January
2017 [We Begin Again in Love] 1037.

Nada Te Turbe!! 1047


-Leigh Garner, Director of Music