Annual Congregation Meeting

This Sunday starting at 10:30 we will conduct our annual congregation meeting. Meeting books have been delivered to members in advance and it would be helpful if you brought them with you on Sunday. Next Sunday June 30, will be Blessing of the Animals. … read more.

Father’s Eyes

Happy Father’s Day! On this day we remember and honor fathers who come and go in our lives in a variety of ways. Some enter our lives through biology and others by choice. Fatherhood is about connection, a connection that transcends biology and proximity. It … read more.

Qigong With Robert

Robert Christophe is a dynamic motivational speaker and teacher who will be talking about the power of the universal field of energy Martial Artists call Chi, Jing, and Shen. How to raise and cultivate these extraordinary energies to become dynamic forces of protection, rejuvenation, … read more.