The Magic of Change | A Message from Minister Maggie Yenoki – August 2017

What better theme for the month of August than ‘Change?’ August brings the changes we have come to expect during the second half of the year as the first harvests bless us with figs and tomatoes, the weather patterns shift to bring monsoonal moisture and humidity, and the daylight hours gradually begin to grow noticeably shorter. Swirled among those familiar changes we can also feel our hearts being stretched open by undesirable changes in our shared lives. Closest to us now is the fast-approaching change that will bring the end of our ministry together. Feeling that grief, yet choosing to make meaning from this change is our purity of purpose as we hold our focus on the best way though to continued healthy growth for SUUS as a Spiritual Community.

Change Brings Opportunity

Within the limitations of our language, we struggle to find the best words to express the message of our hearts in clear and meaningful ways. In times of great change, the words sometimes get caught in our throats and we replace them with a touch or a tear. Other ways of expressing the deep messages of our hearts are through song, poetry, or a handwritten note. Times of change bring the opportunity for our hearts to express themselves in ways that we might otherwise keep to ourselves, or blow off as silly or ‘too mushy’. Times of change also bring us the opportunity to examine ourselves in ways we might otherwise avoid. Now is a wonderful time to covenant with ourselves and with one another that the change coming our way now is used for outcomes that are both positive and beneficial in the days ahead.

Let this change, change us for the better.

Holding gratitude for this coming change might be asking a bit much from our hearts for now, but in the weeks and months ahead, may we all enter those creative spaces that are messy and dark with curiosity and determination to let this change change us for the better.


Pastor Maggie


SUUS Minister Maggie Yenoki