Blessing of the Animals

Our annual tradition brings front and center the act of honoring those who share the journey of our individual lives, who perhaps know us the best in their own way. Join on our lawn for this joyful service. Bring a picture or bring your pet. … read more.


Father’s Eyes

Happy Father’s Day! On this day we remember and honor fathers who come and go in our lives in a variety of ways. Some enter our lives through biology and others by choice. Fatherhood is about connection, a connection that transcends biology and proximity. It … read more.


Amnesty International

Nestor is currently a professor of sociology at Rio Hondo College, in Whittier, CA.  During the 1970s, Nestor was a worker and a student in his native Argentina when he was arrested during the so called ‘Dirty War.’  During that period of time, Argentines were … read more.


Back to Junior High – Readings

Oncology chaplain and popular guest speaker, Michael Eselun will share some deeply personal reflections about junior high school–  a pivotal and often painful time that leaves indelible memories for many of us.  In dialogue with some of those 13-year-old’s perceptions, what might be discovered about … read more.


Mothers in Myth and Music

Speaker Barrie Hafler will recall Ancient Times of mothers and mothering with the balance that feminism offers, and then turn to share our experiences with some of the many songs about moms featuring Alan Riva, guest guitarist. The Onionaires Choir with director Leigh Garner will … read more.


Hungering for Meaning

Pastor, AJ Blackwood, joined by our talented Music Director, Leigh Garner and choir will share with you a message of inclusiveness, community, hope and inspiration. During this time together, we will be offered opportunities for exploring what it is to be a Unitarian Universalist as … read more.


Medicinal Marijuana

Elisabeth Mack, RN, MBA founded Holistic Caring in 2016 and bridges the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine as a concierge medical cannabis consultation service with clinical nurses helping educate, guide, and support patients with product choices, dosages, and timing.  She has much to share including … read more.


Native American Contemplation

Debra Delahunty is our speaker on this morning and will share her journey that began10 years ago when a friend introduced her to a flute maker and told her, “This is your next Spiritual Journey.”
Not understanding she accepted what he had said and very soon … read more.