Click here to join our community or stop by the Welcome table at our next Sunday Service, where you will be welcomed by one of our SepulvedaUU Membership Committee members. They can answer almost any questions you may have about becoming a member.

Membership Aspirations

Becoming a Member of the SepulvedaUU is an important and intentional act. We believe what you draw from your experience at SepulvedaUU increases and deepens based on what you put in to it. While your level of engagement will vary over time based on life circumstances we encourage you to consider the personal strength of becoming a member.

Advantages to Membership

We are a democratic community. We decide what our future directions will be, how we will allocate our financial resources, and who the leaders in our congregation will be.

You can join your energy and vision to that of our community and together we can create and enact programs that affect our community.

Steps to Membership

  1. Attend several Sunday Services.
  2. Build your understanding of the UU faith and SepulvedaUU by attending a “Pathway to Membership” activity on the 1st Sunday of the month. We host the NewUU orientation session on a quarterly basis.
  3. Meet with the Minister to discuss membership.
  4. Make a commitment to affirm and promote our UU Principles.
  5. Affirm our congregational Covenant of Right Relations
  6. Make a financial pledge
  7. Participate in a new member ceremony and sign our membership book.