Memorial Day: Reflections – May 27 at 10:30 AM

War affects everyone.  Our service will be a remembrance for the dead and for the veterans and civilians impacted by war.  Some of the many troubling questions about war will be explored since a Unitarian Universalist goal is “a world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.”

Fantastic Beasts: Blessing of the Animals – June 3 at 10 AM

Have you ever listened to a horse joke?  Have you ever wondered why you have that nagging feeling that your dog is out of water?  Have you ever been consoled by a cat when you really needed a friend?  This is our time to remember how to listen. Join us. Outdoor service.

All the Colors of the Rainbow – June 10 at 10 AM

What does it mean to be Queer aka not being/living a heteronormative life in 2018? During this month when the people of this nation and around the world celebrate diversity, we will question: “What can we do to stop the hate being spread by our leaders?”

“General Order #3” Juneteenth Sunday – June 17 at 10 AM

“Juneteenth Independence Day” or “Freedom Day” (June 19, 1865) is a lost holiday. Written out of most history books, most people do not know that Texas held a firm grip on slavery until 1865. We will be asking what it means to be a free in this country as person of color in 2018?