Sunday Services Have Been Postponed

In the best interest of our congregants and the public in general, Sunday services and on-site meetings will not take place. This will extend at least through the month of April at which time the situation will be reassessed. 

Currently we are turning to our larger neighboring and national UU churches on electronic devices at home to enjoy the experience of a Sunday service. Some churches are encouraging viewers to light their own chalice during such service.

This is a new and different way of being in community and together we will learn how best to strengthen our bonds and take care of each other. The COVID-19 virus, with the necessary precautions, is causing temporary but profound changes that include refraining from meetings and gathering on site at Sepulveda UU.

At the national level, our UUA President, Susan Fredrick-Gray says, “Remember that, as we have to adapt quickly and try new things, perfection is never the goal. The goal is to care for one another and live compassionately.” May it be so. 

In community,
Marilyn Morton on behalf of the Board of Trustees