Traditional Unitarian Universalist Sunday Morning Service
1st and 3rd Sunday

Pastor, AJ Blackwood, joined by our talented Music Director, Leigh Garner, will share with you a message of inclusiveness, community, hope and inspiration. During this time together, we will be offered opportunities for exploring what it is to be a Unitarian Universalist as we weave together our thoughts and experiences with music, beauty, poetry, and words that both comfort and challenge us as we gather to find meaning and live more authentically in our beloved community. Note: Children will begin service with us in the Sanctuary and then proceed to childcare and religious exploration programs.

Contemplative Sunday Morning Service
2nd Sunday

On these Sundays all will be welcomed into a space of reflection and introspection. Our Sunday Service team will guide you through a time for communal sharing of events in our lives, silent and guided meditations, community singing, and the presentation of an embodied spiritual practice such as Yoga, drumming, writing, and others. Come comfortably dressed and be willing to move as you are able and be moved spiritually during this service. Note: Children are invited to gather in the Ballou Room for childcare and religious exploration programs.

Humanist Forum Sunday Morning Service
4th Sunday

Our Humanist Forum is designed to welcome the secular humanist, activist, and socially concerned members of our community. In a world of heartbreak, dehumanization, and need for information, our community calls us to our better selves. During these services we will hear from community leaders with an objective to live with more wisdom, more connection, and more compassion for the world around us. It will be a time to deepen our faith through action. Note: Children are invited to gather in the Ballou Room for childcare and religious exploration programs.

Intergenerational Sunday Morning Service
5th Sunday

Join us for an adventurous service on the 5th Sunday of the month when we incorporate holiday celebrations, multigenerational plays and pageants, musical performances, child dedications, and coming-of-age ceremonies. Note: Children will be welcomed to join us in the Sanctuary for the entirety of the service.

Earth Centered Services and Celebrations
Throughout the year

For those who are new to the Craft of the Wise, we’ll generally will begin with a brief introduction of Pagan practices. We’ll cast a sacred circle and celebrate an earth centered ritual. We will conclude with a potluck and Q/A sessions for those with post-ritual questions.