Class Act – September 4, 2016

Rev. Hannah Petrie

We hear a lot of talk about race these days, but what about class?  Are we as a society becoming more or less class-conscious?  As the middle class becomes harder to define, the confusion about what class we belong to raises a number of questions relevant to our spirituality and our orientation to the world. … Continued


"Transforming Heartbreak" - September 11, 2016

Speaker: Pastor Maggie Yenoki

Hearing the date 9/11 stirs strong emotion in each of our hearts, and brings vibrant memories of where we were on that date in the year 2001. On this 15th anniversary of the unforgettable events that took place in New York City, The Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania that day, our shared, communal heartbreak will open us to the ways ... Continued


"Is Dying Okay?" - September 18, 2016

Speaker: Pastor Maggie Yenoki & Alua Arthur

Most of us will readily admit we avoid the topic of death as often as possible. It’s scary to talk about! We also know that the best time to share our thoughts on the end of life is not as death is coming near. Joining the conversation that surrounds our culture’s death phobia can take a lot of courage even if there is a teeny bit of curiosity. In this service ... Continued


A VISIT WITH VIKTOR FRANKL - September 25, 2016

Actor Arnold Weiss, written by Cliff Johnson

After 3 years as a Nazi concentration camp inmate, Viktor Frankl returned to Vienna to continue his practice as a psychiatrist where he developed the life skill theories of Existential Analysis and “logotherapy.” These ideas and experiences were recorded ... Continued

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